Weingut Weyh

Our winery is located in Winningen in the Terassenmosel district, right at the gates of the city of Koblenz.

Wine-growing has been in our family for centuries. The earliest references go back to the year 1604. In 1918, Richard Weyh, my grandfather, founded our winery when he started filling the wine in bottles and marketing it.

Then as now, we owe the high quality of our wines to the Winningen vineyards. The soil in which our grapes grow is our most precious asset. Our wines owe their exceptional quality to the unique climatic conditions in the Terassenmosel district, the good slate soil and the right choice of grapes.

Carefully cultivated, slowly ripened and picked by hand, the grapes are stored in our cellar in the autumn. Here they are processed gently and carefully. Quality grows in the vineyard – and is shaped and refined in the cellar. During vinification, we attach great importance to preserving the aromas typical of each grape variety, the original influences of the soil and climate and the specific properties of each year’s harvest. All these factors lead to a good glass of wine. We promise you the most exquisite enjoyment.

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