Unsere Rotweine

The Pinot noir is the most exquisite variety of red wine grape. It loves northern regions, where it ripens slowly and gently. It is also highly sensitive and produces outstanding wines from low yields with careful vinification. This is why we cut away a large proportion of the grapes when they begin to ripen, so that the remaining grapes can mature better. Quantity has to go by the board if you want to produce a first-rate Pinot noir.

The Dornfelder is the most glamorous of the red wine grapes. It is noted for its deep red colour with overtones of black. Its fruits look as good as table grapes. It is loved and hated. No other grape variety is so controversial. It can produce very high yields. However, in general it is like every other kind of grape. Less is more. Smaller quantities allow it to unfold its true quality, making it ideal for lovers of strong red wines rich in tannin.

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