Unsere Weißweine

At 77 % of the harvest, the Riesling is the most common grape variety in our vineyard. It has small, almost nondescript fruits and ripens very late – often well into November. It is acclaimed as the king of white wines all over the world, because outstanding wines can be produced with all tastes and degrees of maturity. Its characteristic of retaining its acid content as it ripens makes Riesling ideal for choice sweet wines. However, it is just as good as a fresh, light, dry or medium-dry quality wine with an intensive taste or as a strong, long-lived late harvest wine.

The Kerner was bred from Riesling and Trollinger grapes in 1929. This variety is ideal for fruity sweet wines. It was first planted in our vineyard in 1964. These grapes experienced a boom in the 1970s, and was at times the third most commonly planted grape variety in Germany. Cultivation of the Kerner has declined sharply in the Moselle region in recent years. The large number of side-shoots it sends out makes it very labour-intensive. We still grow the Kerner. Our customers like it a lot – and so do we.

The Weissburgunder, also known as the Pinot blanc, is a newcomer to our vineyards. It originally came from the Burgundy region of France and has since become indigenous to the Moselle. These days, it is an absolutely indispensable part of our vineyards. Just recently, we cultivated a large new vineyard with this grape variety so that we could meet demand. These wines are mild and soft – completely different to the traditional Riesling.

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